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About IC

Existing as the very first digital platform for collectors of contemporary art, Independent Collectors was founded in 2008 by a group of collectors and friends surrounding Christian Kaspar Schwarm (b. 1972, Germany) who dared to open access to a previously hidden world. Today we are the largest non-commercial archive of private collections worldwide. Independent Collectors is part of the Berlin based Independent Connectors GmbH, which is managed by Nina Raftopoulo and Sandra Gehrer.

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Our dedicated goal is to be the comprehensive and longest-lasting chronicle and resource of the most relevant private collecting activities. It is of great importance for both collectors and the interested public to expand and preserve the specific space on the web, which functions as an everlasting synopsis for the shows that are curated and realised with thanks to private collections. We stay in touch with almost 7000 collectors across 98 countries.

In light of our story, we are proud that our website has always operated completely free of charge and 100 % ad-free. Unlike other related platforms, we do not sell any art, services or data. Our work is financed exclusively through our valued sponsors and through projects that we realize in collaboration with them.

BMW has been our global partner since 2009 and continues to publish with us the “BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors“. The 5th edition was released in October 2018 and is available through Hatje Cantz, Amazon or your local book store.

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