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Tasmania  |  Australia

Museum of Old and New Art (Mona)

In January 2011 Australian collector and philanthropist David Walsh opened up Australia’s largest private museum: the Museum of Old and New Art (Mona).

Toronto  |  Canada

Scrap Metal

When avid art and book collectors Samara Walbohm and Joe Shlesinger decided to share their collection with the public, they founded Scrap Metal, a privately funded exhibition space in Toronto.

Lecce  |  Italy

World Art Collection

Italian curator and art critic Dores Sacquegna’s interest in collecting began in 1996 when she was still studying for her degree in Contemporary Art.

Dubai  |  United Arab Emirates

Salsali Private Museum

Thirty one years ago, at the age of twenty one, Theran born collector Ramin Salsali started to collect art and hasn’t stopped since.

Brumadinho  |  Brazil

Inhotim — Welcome to the Jungle

In Brumadinho, Brazil, in a forest area remnant of the Atlantic Rain Forest and Brazilian savanna, lies a magical collection of contemporary art.