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Brussels  |  Belgium

Servais Family Collection

The current hang of works from the Servais Family Collection, curated by Dragos Olea, offers a juxtaposition of concern versus hope

Bremen  |  Germany

Peters-Messer Collection

“What Paradise?” presents works from the Peters-Messer Collection as part of “Young Collectors 05” at the Weserburg.

Province of Vicenza  |  Italy

The Bisazza Foundation

The collection which honours the appreciation for design and architecture.

Queretaro  |  Mexico

JM SR Collection

Inside the collection built on purchases made on the internet.

Bruzella  |  Switzerland

Rolla Collection

A collection made up of modern and contemporary photography.

London  |  United Kingdom

Mark Hicks Collection

The collection grown from a curiosity of editions from the streets.

Santiago  |  Chile

Arte Al Límite Collection

The collection that was founded upon the goal of making a contribution to culture and to encourage creativity.