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Tasmania  |  Australia

Museum of Old and New Art (Mona)

In January 2011 Australian collector and philanthropist David Walsh opened up Australia’s largest private museum: the Museum of Old and New Art (Mona).

Toronto  |  Canada

Scrap Metal

When avid art and book collectors Samara Walbohm and Joe Shlesinger decided to share their collection with the public, they founded Scrap Metal, a privately funded exhibition space in Toronto.

Lecce  |  Italy

World Art Collection

Italian curator and art critic Dores Sacquegna’s interest in collecting began in 1996 when she was still studying for her degree in Contemporary Art.

Dubai  |  United Arab Emirates

Salsali Private Museum

Thirty one years ago, at the age of twenty one, Theran born collector Ramin Salsali started to collect art and hasn’t stopped since.

Brumadinho  |  Brazil

Inhotim — Welcome to the Jungle

In Brumadinho, Brazil, in a forest area remnant of the Atlantic Rain Forest and Brazilian savanna, lies a magical collection of contemporary art.

Brussels  |  Belgium

Charles Riva Collection — The Power & The Glory

Opening on the eve of the now infamous 2016 US elections, “The Power and The Glory” set out to examine the tension between an artist’s desire to shine and their desire to exist.

Shanghai  |  China

Qiao Zhibing Collection — Shanghai Night

Located in the four-story karaoke bar Shanghai Night, in the southwest part of the city, lives a uniquely displayed collection of both Chinese and international art.