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Amsterdam  |  The Netherlands

Cyril van Sterkenburg

In this instalment of “The Art of Collecting”, Amsterdam-based collector Cyril van Sterkenburg tells us why affordable art is not to be frowned upon.

Vienna  |  Austria

Francesca von Habsburg

Arterritory’s Irene Gludowacz talks to art patron and philanthropist Francesca von Habsburg about art as a political weapon.

Beijing  |  China

RongRong & Inri

The photographer duo dedicated to contemporary Chinese photography.

Tokyo  |  Japan

Ryutaro Takahashi

Una Meistere talks to Tokyo based collector Ryutaro Takahashi about contemporary art in Japan and art as therapy.

Hamburg  |  Germany

Harald Falckenberg

Daiga Rudzāte spoke with German art collector Harald Falckenberg in Hamburg about art as a historical document.

New York  |  United States of America

Clayton Press & Gregory Linn

Since 1980, Clayton Press and Gregory Linn – New Jersey collectors – have evolved from being energetic art aficionados to art market specialists.

Paris  |  France

Isabelle & Jean-Conrad Lemaître

Agnese Čivle talks to French art collectors Isabelle and Jean-Conrad Lemaître about the changing role and perception of video art within the art world.

Oslo  |  Norway

Erling Kagge

Erling Kagge is so much more than just an art collector.

Antibes  |  France

Jean Pigozzi

Italian collector Jean Pigozzi knew them all: Warhol, Basquiat, Newton, Koons.

Berlin  |  Germany

Julia Stoschek

Sergej Timofejev from Arterritory in conversation with Julia Stoschek: one of the most active and famous collectors of time-based art.

Rotterdam  |  The Netherlands

Reyn van der Lugt

Dutch collector, Reyn van der Lugt speaks to IC about collecting contemporary photography.

Berlin  |  Germany

Hergen Wöbken

Strategist, entrepreneur and collector Hergen Wöbken takes us on a journey into the Brazilian art scene.

Marseille  |  France

Marc & Josée Gensollen

To mark the opening of LOOP Barcelona we spoke with the Marseille based collector couple who have built an impressive collection of Minimal and Conceptual Art.