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London  |  United Kingdom

Anita Zabludowicz

The collector with young, international positions at the centre of the collection.

Berlin  |  Germany

Thomas Olbricht

An interview with the collector whose not afraid to mix things up.

CARLA KLEIN, Untitled, 2008

Nigtevecht  |  The Netherlands

Eric van ’t Hoff

Meet the Dutch art enthusiast who has dedicated his collection to supporting artists.

Silkeborg  |  Denmark

Claus Busch Risvig

The Danish collector who can’t get enough of books and Instagram.

Florida  |  United States of America

John Morrissey

Meet one of the world’s top art collectors with a knack for spotting talent.

Porquerolles Island  |  France

Charles Carmignac

An interview with the director of the collection located in a floating forest on a Mediterranean island.

Budapest  |  Hungary

Katalin Spengler & Zsolt Somlói

The Hungarian couple dedicated to opening up the local collector community to international contemporary art.

Miami  |  United States of America

Roberto Toscano

For Roberto Toscano, collecting art is an in-depth study of art’s physicality.

ZUZANNA KRAJEWSKA, Przerwa Sala Gimnastyczna, (Break at the Gym), 2016

Frankfurt  |  Germany

Tyrown Vincent

An interview with the Frankfurt-based collector doing things his own way.

Cologne  |  Germany

Max & Corina Krawinkel

For Max and Corina Krawinkel collecting is simply a matter of taste.