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Private sessions with IC founder and strategist Christian Kaspar Schwarm.

There are a lot of reasons for collecting and living with art. Some seem to be reasonable, some are obviously irrational. And it can become quite difficult, not to get lost in this "jungle of opportunities". Christian Kaspar Schwarm – founder of INDEPENDENT COLLECTORS talks about his personal motives for having let contemporary art enter his life two decades ago.

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Christian Kaspar Schwarm (born 1972) is a dedicated collector and book lover who has turned his own Berlin office into a library. He works self-employed, as a strategy consultant and teaches on a regular basis at the Mannheim based "Popakademie", a state academy of popular music and culture. Christian describes his collection as a constant movement between two different poles: the dimension of "conflict" – most often in a political or societal meaning – is confronted with the contemporary interpretation of devotion and emotion. The latter seems to symbolize an almost spiritual chance of facing the obscure complexity of our world today. The artists in his collection are Fiona Banner, Beni Bischof, Nina Canell, Marcel van Eeden, Tom Ellis, Guan Xiao, Diango Hernández, David Horvitz, Raimer Jochims, Jonathan Monk, Mario Pfeifer, Peter Piller, Lin May Saeed, Karin Sander, Slavs and Tatars, Michael E. Smith, Simon Starling, Fiete Stolte, Lukas Stopczynski, Hague Yang.