Independent Collectors

Debunking the myths

IC Director Nina Raftopoulo helps new collectors develop confidence.

"You can't call yourself a collector unless you own a significant amount of artworks – and a massive storage."

Challenging this highly reproduced cliché of a quote is what drives Nina Raftopoulo to consult the next generation of collectors. There are two major gatekeepers preventing people from gaining access to the art world – money and intellect. People either think they are not wealthy enough to buy art, or they assume that they lack knowledge and therefore shouldn’t participate. Nina Raftopoulo believes that gaining access to this seemingly inaccessible world is also possible through curiosity, education, and authenticity. In her lectures and consulting sessions she guides people who are interested in starting their own collection through the allegedly complex art market and encourages them to proudly call themselves collectors from the get-go.


In person (Berlin/Athens) or via Zoom
+ subsequent support (DE or EN)

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Nina Raftopoulo (*1983) has been the director of INDEPENDENT COLLECTORS since 2017. She studied political science and communication design in Germany. As a consultant, she has advised the worlds leading mobility brands, fashion groups, law firms, banks, and insurance companies regarding their cultural engagement and brand positioning. Based in Athens and Berlin, Nina is an avid supporter of community projects, with a focus on street kids and LGBTQI+ refugees. As an emerging collector herself, she is interested in artist positions that are highly political and equally poetic. Her first acquisition was a three-channel video work by Mario Pfeifer called „Approximation in the digital age to a humanity condemned to disappear“.

Mario Pfeifer, Approximation In The Digital Age To A Humanity Condemned To Disappear, 2014 – 2015. © Mario Pfeifer / [blackboardfilms] / KOW. 2015