Independent Collectors

Italy (35)

Palazzo Daniele

Minimalism meets majesty at Palazzo Daniele where monastic décor exaggerates the grandeur of ceiling frescoes and standalone art works

Fondazione Brodbeck

Contemporary art in the shadow of a volcano

Collezione De Iorio

Beauty & infirmity – Radiologist Mauro De Iorio has a unique understanding of the human body

Collezione Taurisano

Initiated by Paolo Taurisano in the 1970s, this collection now flourishes thanks to his son Francesco and daughter-in-law Sveva D’Antonio

Collezione Maramotti

Interview with the senior coordinator Sara Piccinini

Rossini Art Site — Sculpture Park

Art park that fuses sculpture, architecture, and landscape

The Great Women Artists Residency

Palazzo Monti presents the third annual Great Women Artists Residency

Palazzo Monti

Take a look inside the both historic and fresh beauty of Palazzo Monti in Brescia, who we welcome as new to IC.


The current temporary exhibition at Collezione Maramotti is in collaboration with Turin’s Museo Casa Mollino and has been organised on the occasion of this years Fotografia Europea.

Two Thoughts with Svenja Deininger

See inside the stunning light filled & open industrial spaces showcasing painting & various projects in the corridors of the Max Mara factory.

The Bisazza Foundation

The collection which honours the appreciation for design and architecture.

Giorgio Fasol

An interview with one of Italy’s most prominent collectors of contemporary art.

Go With the Gut

Collector couple Bruna Girodengo and Matteo Viglietta both share a passion – an unquenchable thirst to learn about collecting art.

Two Ideas of Beauty

In many ways the Collezione De Iorio, like the ancient Roman god Janus, is two-faced.

Foto Project Book

Italian collector Guido Galimberti is someone who sees the world in multiples.

Because Of Many (Taurisano) Suns

View inside this private home and Naples-based collection, where young and active collecting couple Francesco and Sveva Taurisano live.

The Videoinsight® Method Part II

The collection that selects contemporary art containing high psychological impact.

Castello di Ama per l’Arte Contemporanea

The result of the passion of four Roman families.

Dancing with Myself

The Museum Folkwang exhibited works from Venice’s Pinault Collection.

Non-Aligned Modernity

Eastern-European Art from the Marinko Sudac Collection.

Three Explorations To Be Repeated As Necessary…

Contemporary art and mythology amongst uncovered ancient Greek ruins in the converted Palazzo basement.

Fondazione Morra Greco

This Neapolitan palace houses the collection of dentist Maurizio Morra Greco.

World Art Collection

Dores Sacquegna shares a selection of works from her personal collection.

‘La Pelle’ and ‘Luogo e Segni’ – Pinault Collection

Venice’s Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana see the exhibitions ‘La Pelle’ and ‘Luogo e Segni’ for 2019.

Fondazione Opera

Guido Galimberti Online Exhibition

Nature is Equilibrium

Installation views from the Fondazione Merz

Collezione Giuseppe Iannaccone

Searching for strong feelings of humanity within paintings, sculptures and drawings.

The (Italian) Factory

With his collection, Maramotti intended to mirror the evolution of the most advanced artistic thinking of his time and as a result has created one of the most exciting private collections in Italy.

Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

Italian art collector Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo talks to Agnese Čivle about spontaneous art buying, the difference between collecting names and works and her Turin-based art foundation.

A Portrait of My Soul

For over two decades Vittorio Gaddi has been focusing on collecting international contemporary art as well as supporting emerging art and artists.

The Videoinsight® Method Part I

Ten years ago, Turin based art collector and psychotherapist Rebecca Russo, began showing art to her patients

Sensus Collection

Located on the first two floors of a 1960s building in Florence you’ll find the Sensus Collection.

Antonio Dalle Nogare

On the occasion of this year’s Venice Biennale Independent Collectors spoke with collector Antonio Dalle Nogare from the ADN Collection about which pavilions and specific art pieces stood out for him and why.


“Buying ‘difficult’ works gives shape to a collection, which otherwise would be standardized on all the others.”


Collector of the SOF:ART Collection