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The Tea Garden During Art Basel 2015

Basel  |  Switzerland  | 

The Tea Garden During Art Basel 2015

During the bustle of Art Basel, Edition Taube and Independent Collectors invited a small number of guests to join us in our Tea Garden.

In the midst of Art Basel 2015, we met in a private garden to sit in a minimalistic surrounding designed by Friederike Daumiller. The Tea Garden was a concept of tranquility in a week of overflowing impressions. It had no art, no performance, no agenda and no theoretical framework.

Over the course of two days we served intimate tea receptions consisting of several sessions. In these hour-long sessions we carefully selected small groups to share a moment of connectivity with one another whilst experiencing the exclusive yet discreet setting.

The artists Peter Granser and Thomas Jeppe each hosted a number of these tea sessions as starting points for contemplation and conversation.