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ALEJANDRO CESARCO, “Song”, at The Renaissance Society of the University of Chicago (installation view), 2017

São Paulo  |  Brazil

Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro

An interview with the chief curator of 33rd edition of the Bienal de São Paulo.

Brussels  |  Belgium

Private Choices

The exhibition shedding light on eleven very different Brussel-based collections.

Works and found objects

Berlin  |  Germany

Yvonne Roeb

Inside the studio of the artist with the unusual collection.

Ingrid Mössinger. Photo: Wolfgang Schmidt

Chemnitz  |  Germany

Ingrid Mössinger

The museum director who transformed the city of Chemnitz.

Berlin  |  Germany

Joe Seaton

The Berlin-based producer collecting beyond the materialistic realm of ownership.

Dhaka  |  Bangladesh

Nadia & Rajeeb Samdani

The collector-couple dedicated to South Asian art in the heart of Bangladesh.

Miami  |  United States of America

Roberto Toscano

For Roberto Toscano, collecting art is an in-depth study of art’s physicality.

Gentofte  |  Denmark

Sara Theresa Birn Lysgaard

Life and art cannot be separated when it comes to Sara Theresa Birn Lysgaard’s art collection.

Oslo  |  Norway

Venke Hoff

For Venke Hoff and her husband Rolf, collecting art is an inseparable part of life.

Bremen  |  Germany

Mario von Kelterborn

As part of the “Young Collections” series at the Weserburg, Mario von Kelterborn presented works from Collection von Kelterborn in the exhibition “Young Collections 02”.

New York  |  United States of America

Kelani Nichole

Since its opening in 2013, the Brooklyn TRANSFER Gallery has remained dedicated to representing computer-based practices.

Copenhagen  |  Denmark

Mikkel Carl

As an artist, writer, freelance curator, and now curating a section of the new CODE Art Fair that’s coming to the city, Mikkel Carl has some big ideas on the current state of the art world.

Berlin  |  Germany

Piotr Nathan

Berlin-based artist Piotr Nathan caused a stir when he announced the selling of his monumental mural “Rituale des Verschwindens (Rituals Of Disappearance)” on show at Berghain.

Berlin  |  Germany

Fabian Knecht

Fabian Knecht, the Berlin-based artist, does not have your typical relationship with his collectors.