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Thomas Rusche in Conversation with Cornelia Schleime

Berlin  |  Germany  | 

Thomas Rusche in Conversation with Cornelia Schleime

In collaboration with Thomas Rusche from the SØR Rusche Collection Oelde/Berlin, we present the new video-series “Thomas Rusche in Conversation With…”, where the German art collector, textile entrepreneur and economist meets personalities from the arts and cultural scene.

For our first instalment, Rusche met with the artist Cornelia Schleime at her exhibition “Ein Wimpernschlag” at the Berlinische Galerie. Schleime, who recently won the Hannah-Höch Prize for her life-work, speaks to Rusche about her insatiable passion for painting, the punk that is still present in her, and how limitations in her life made her stronger – such as the ban on work in the GDR, the spying by the Stasi, all serving as an engine to release artistic energy.

The video is currently only available in German.